- Spiritual development

          A Glimpse of Eternity

Universal truth can only be found in the meeting of the minds of science and religion while standing firmly in the reality of human experience.   

This book respects all religions and provides a bridge from the scriptures of antiquity to interpretation by the minds of modern man. 
Our questioning minds rejoice as we see our hopes replaced with logic and purpose for eternal existence. This assurance gives us faith in a completely logical God and a GLIMPSE into the nature of our undeniable existence as eternal  souls.

 God's plan is not a secret presents a unique perspective on the trinity expression of our souls and teaching us that just as we have natural instincts to guide our physical life we also have been given innate natural soul skills that gently lead us into our Divine potential as spiritual beings having a human life experience

Life and spiritual experience both teach that there is no place for damnation on our way to eternal existence.

Thank you for coming,
Connie Bowers