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About Us
Welcome to our Virtual classroom..-
This web site is the launchpad for the spiritual teachings  presented in the new exciting book coming soon-  God's plan is not a secret.. a Simple Souls 
Spiritual Journey.
Our goal is to provide your soul with a bridge to a conscious awareness of your place in the vastness of reality and to give you the tools for developing an amazing personal relationship with God.
Our interactive blog will help you find those elusive answers to the questions everyone has preferred you did not ask. 
These wonderful teachings bring the simple divine truth of our existence into conscious reality.  As we learn we  will be  gently lead into the greater understanding of God. This ever expanding awareness of the perfection of God's Divine Designs will give you an appreciation of God such as you may have never experienced . Together we will explore our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realities learning 
to recognize our own personal truths. Together we will come to understand :
Our Past Our Present and Our Potential. 
 An introduction to your author:
A Glimpse of Eternity has been spiritually inspired and written by a Christian transcendentalist in an experiential fashion, with respect, reverence and recognition of 
Eternal God Who created everything in existence to 
make perfect sense.
The desire to be useful to God and my fellow man has led me to become an ordained Minister, 
a Teacher of Philosophy and Minister of Spiritual Healing. I am continuously being taught by a source much wiser then myself.
I am but a simple woman who  lives in a different mind when I write. And there I touch into that greater wisdom...

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